is an Organic, Natural, and Technology Company
based on the Sciences and economics of Gaia.

Scientific Foundation of Paganics is based on Gaia Hypothesis by James Lovelock.

That nature is a self-regulating system, and as we apply scientific and natural laws to create optimum conditions, then create a system of balancing organic surplus to provide for human needs.

Purpose: While we will do research, our primary function is applied sciences and wide scale application of organic and natural technologies enhanced by digital information and computerized control systems. By creating optimum conditions for natural processes to take place, we create necessary surpluses to benefit humans, animals, and the entire life cycle.

Initial Projects:

  • Vermiculture/vermicomposting on a wide scale
  • Aquaponics/aquaculture Systems
  • Soil Reclamation and Rejuvenation
  • Water Purification/maintenance systems
  • Green Houses/Urban Farming Projects
  • Agroforesty/Wildcrafting Projects.

Long term projects:

  • Air Purification systems
  • Integrated Controlled Environmental Life Support Systems (Biodomes and self-sufficient Homesteads)
  • Space-Based CELS that incorporate the cross disciplinary skills to support humans and other life forms including food production, water & air purification, and waste management.

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